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November 8, 2007

Writer, Cook, Knitter

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This title, it just keeps changing.

I used to put Writer first, and then Cook.

And then I learned to knit and stopped writing.

So I took Writer out of the title, and Knitting came first.

When I began writing about cooking I changed it to put Cooking first.

It’s a reflection of my life, that title.

Nothing stays the same for long.

I like to keep the pieces of my life separate, so I have different places online for different aspects of my life.

CrissyCraft is the newest, and tries to bring all of those pieces together. It’s still in progress being built. It’s mostly a blog about me trying to find my way over on, and the process of figuring all of that out. is my platform for my writing for children, and currently boasts a new release: Mrs. Mouse’s Menu Cookbook!

Not just beans and rice is mostly personal rambling not suitable for anywhere else, and lately is just a list of recipe ideas.

MyWriMo is an odd mishmash of ramblings as I make my way through my first NaNoWriMo month.

On Ravelry I’m mrsmouse, and I’m considering adding ‘Designer’ status over there under CrissyCraft (not yet, but maybe soon).

You can also find me, sometimes, over at¬† That’s more a personal site. Sometimes I just post personal updates, sometimes just a picture. I’m never quite sure what I’m doing over there. Life is always in flux with me. :)

And here? Well, it’s pretty much just a title. And a link list.

That keeps on changing as I do.


Knitting allows me to put prayers into concrete form and helps keep me sane.

Not too bad for a piece of string and a couple of sticks.

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